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Impact Report (Q1 2022)

LAT VC recently published its first quarterly Impact Report (Q1 2022). The findings of the report highlight the many ways that LAT VC is catalyzing systemic change in the venture capital ecosystem for Latino and Latina entrepreneurs.
Report highlights:
  • Team: The LAT VC team is made up of 5 partners, all of whom identify as Latino or Latina because we believe investor representation is key to addressing the Latino funding gap. This contrasts with the 2.1% of general partners in the venture capital industry that identify as Latino.
  • Capital Allocation: Since its 2019 launch, LAT VC has deployed $23M across 26 companies with an average check size of $750K. $21M of the $23M capital deployed came from LAT VC’s Fund II and has been allocated across 22 companies.
  • Geographic Distribution: LAT VC portfolio companies are based across the United States, in 7 states and 13 cities.
  • Founders: 100% of LAT VC funding goes to companies with Latino or Latina leadership. Latino Founders receive less than 2% of venture capital funding despite making up 20% of the population, which underscores the undercapitalization of this growth cohort and the magnitude of the challenge LAT VC is tackling.
  • Female Founders: 40% of LAT VC portfolio founders are female founders. Although we have not fully reached gender parity, 25% of early-stage startups are led by female founders.
  • Portfolio Employees: Latinos are strongly represented across our portfolio beyond the C-suite. 63% of employees in our portfolios companies identify as Latino, versus 5% across early-stage startups.
  • Revenues and Valuations: LAT VC’s portfolio companies generate $100M in annualized revenues and are valued at over $600M – we anticipate a rapid rise in revenues and company valuations over time.
Click here to read the full report.