Fabián Ronisky
Fabián, Venture Consultant, is an investor and ex-startup/VC attorney. He's a Venture Partner at Mana Ventures, focused on sourcing, evaluating, and investing in early-stage companies. His Mana Ventures deals include Ocrolus, Nanome, and ScienceIO. Furthermore, Fabián is actively moderating and being a guest speaker at startup/VC events.
While doing an MBA at NYU Stern, he worked as a Summer Associate at Humana's VC team and was a Venture Fellow in AlleyCorp's $100M healthcare fund, focusing on launching a LatAm digital health startup. Earlier in his career, Fabián was a startup/VC attorney at law firms Gunderson Dettmer and Strategic Law Partners (SLP), having represented startups and VC firms such as HELIX (Google X) and Science Inc (Dollar Shave Club). While at SLP, he helped run the firm's affiliated VC investment arm and began angel investing. His angel investments include Lemonade (exited) and the AI-based triage and clinical predictions platform Diagnostic Robotics.
Fabián holds a BA from UC Berkeley, a JD from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, and an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.

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